Goita (ごいた) – Prototypes Arrived

The prototype decks arrived from MPC. Overall, not bad. I did notice some spots where I will need to revise the design though.

Pawn and score tokens
Information cards
Poker and mini card comparison

These will be distinguishable from future versions for a few reasons. First, the MPC cards a little wider than I had formatted, so the left-right margins are a little more open. Second, after ordering the cards, I realized the backs are 2-way (look the same no matter which way turned), but the fronts are 1-way. So I’m still tinkering with the back. I also need to work on the information cards, especially the card list, as the card marks are a little heavy and harder to read. The QR codes might get a little adjustment, possible replacing the square registration targets for the traditional Goita token shape.

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