What is a Data Monkey…

I am a hobbyist graphic designer. Largely self-taught, I developed some of my skills through studying cartography in my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) career. So, what does GIS and cartography have to do with graphic design and this ‘data monkey’ thing? Cartography involves a lot of art, science, and technique, which overlaps with design. As for the monkey moniker, well, some in the GIS field have earned/accepted the title of, or snarkily refer to themselves as ‘data monkeys’ as we often fling data around for customers. Thus, around 2013, I birthed this concept for a data monkey patch for some coworkers. Most latched on with pride, while others turned to somewhat disgust.

With that somewhat humble, tenuous foray into patchmaking and design, I’ve taken on design as a hobby and expanded my offerings. I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings about design and other things, in addition to seeing my work and concepts.