Lots of things…

It’s been a while since I posted, so here’s some quick updates.

My second challenge coin project is now in production for a US Ambassador. That project came about from a coin I designed for a conference last year.

I may be helping a friend’s business soon with graphic support. Should give me some practice and help a friend.

Will be lending some help to my sister’s ambulance district soon too, mostly consulting on getting patches made.

Trigrams survey has gotten a few responses. Seems most of the respondents like the narrower cards. Still processing some of the comments left as well, which might lead to some design adjustments.

Paramedic Class of 2019 Patches

As mentioned in a previous post, my sister is becoming a Paramedic. Proud of her for the long hours it takes, plus her dedication to helping people. In honor of her class, I decided to take elements from one of the patches I worked up for her district and make a patch for her class.

Today she got them and sent along a photo. These are the flat PVC patches and they turned out great.

Paramedic Patches

My sister, currently an EMT, is working on becoming a full Paramedic. A few years ago, she asked about patches for her ambulance district. It’s a common tradition amongst emergency services (police, fire, EMS) to trade patches with other departments. Since her district didn’t really have a custom patch, she wondered if I could work up some designs to present to her boss. While the patches haven’t progressed, I did work up several variations.

These are the ones I most liked out of the 4 or so main variations.