Paramedic Class of 2019 Patches

As mentioned in a previous post, my sister is becoming a Paramedic. Proud of her for the long hours it takes, plus her dedication to helping people. In honor of her class, I decided to take elements from one of the patches I worked up for her district and make a patch for her class.

Today she got them and sent along a photo. These are the flat PVC patches and they turned out great.

Paramedic Patches

My sister, currently an EMT, is working on becoming a full Paramedic. A few years ago, she asked about patches for her ambulance district. It’s a common tradition amongst emergency services (police, fire, EMS) to trade patches with other departments. Since her district didn’t really have a custom patch, she wondered if I could work up some designs to present to her boss. While the patches haven’t progressed, I did work up several variations.

These are the ones I most liked out of the 4 or so main variations.