Sports Monkey, 2nd Period

I often keep tinkering with designs, sometimes right after I create a post or send it to someone to look at. The jersey design is no different. After closing things down for the night, I had the thought about using binary for the player number instead of a regular Roman numerals (the whole data thing).

Fast forward to today, and not only did I create a binary player number, but revamp the pattern layout. And…..that led into home vs. away version for the second variation. You’ll also notice some changes within the second variation in the short time between those exports.

Comparison between the original version and the second.
Second version, with home and away colors.

Monkey Sports

Today was Jeans and Jerseys day at my day job. So, sitting at my computer this evening with my Irish beer-themed hockey jersey on, I decided to crank out a Data Monkey-themed jersey design.

Found a nice mockup of a jersey, built a vector version of it, then laid out a quick design. Colors came from the original monkey patch, with industrial face on the front.

Data Monkey-themed hockey jersey

Not My Circus

I think we’ve all had those moments when it’s all going down the tubes and you realize….not my circus, not my monkeys.

In honor of this colloquial phrase to signify it’s not your problem, I whipped up these little designs. Nothing fancy, just one of those spur of the moment ideas that I cranked out.

Thankfully, the phrasing lent itself well to the combining. NMC = Not My Circus, NMM = Not My Monkeys.