I am become life

EMS designs will be recurring design topic, mostly in support of my sister. A while back, I whipped up a quick design based on a quote from the Bhagavad Gita, made famous by Oppenheimer: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

As EMS is constantly fighting Death to save their patients, I turned the phrase, reversing the roles.

What’s the Frequency…

One of my other hobbies, albeit less attended to is, is Amateur (“Ham”) Radio. I’ve had my license since 2008 and have a few handheld radios. At work, we have a group of Hams (in more ways than one) that chat about a lot of things including radios. The other day, one of the Hams was talking about how a garage sale was interrupting his contesting time. Contesting for Hams is trying to collect contacts within a certain period, usually trying to reach certain regions of the country or world. Being the snarky person I am, I proposed a sign to essentially scare people away from a Ham’s radio area. The results are the signs below.

Trigrams, an expanding collection

Decided to use some of the artwork from the Trigrams card deck on other items. Yes, it’s a tie-in type thing, but also gives me another outlet for some of the designs besides cards. First item is simply a mug with the graphics from the court (A, J, Q, K) cards of the Water suit. Format is simple, one side has the art from the Q card, the trigram (from the A) with its name (from the K) above and ‘water’ in Chinese and Korean below, and the compass from the J (with the direction in both languages). Nothing real fancy, but brings the elements together. I’ll try and work on the other 7 suits at some point.