Have design, will…..desire?

Being a self-guided designer has the upside of allowing me to design what I like and want to focus on. The downside: trying to find a market or outlet for those designs.

This is something I struggle with at times. I have plenty of spur-of-the-moment ideas that I might quickly draft out. Then they sit in the digital holding tank, often collecting digital dust. Dust collection can occur from no real outlet for the design (often due to subject matter), artistic stall, or very limited audience.

I’d like to say I have a solution, but I don’t. In some ways, I’ve tried to use this blog and my portfolio site as an avenue to expose more of my creations, but even those don’t always blow the dust of some of my collection.

End of the random thought for today.

Flying Monkey Jersey

Yes, more jerseys. This time, I’m sending the flying monkeys. Used most of the flying monkey patch design with some re-arrangement. The #39 alludes to the year Wizard of Oz was released in theaters. “Nikko” comes from the books, as the name for the head monkey. I also used a font derived from the first edition of the book. Might work in some reference to “not in Kansas anymore” at some point.

Flying Monkey hockey jersey

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Veterans Day

Today’s post is a thank you. As the son of two Army veterans, and friend and co-worker to so many more, I simply say thank you. They answered the call, whether it was voluntary or not, and gave what they could. Many returned home, but some of my military family did not, physically or mentally.

“Upon this eleventh hour on this eleventh day of the eleventh month….”

More Jerseys – Data Monkey and Area 51

Yes, more tinkering. I will often latch onto a theme/concept and work different variations as things pop in my mind.

Tonight’s results are more variations on both the Data Monkey and Area 51 jerseys. Mostly color changes, but other changes can be thrown in.

Variation on the Data Monkey design, using colors from a Midwestern pro hockey team\
Variation on the Area 51 jersey, using green digital camo patterns