Not My Circus

I think we’ve all had those moments when it’s all going down the tubes and you realize….not my circus, not my monkeys.

In honor of this colloquial phrase to signify it’s not your problem, I whipped up these little designs. Nothing fancy, just one of those spur of the moment ideas that I cranked out.

Thankfully, the phrasing lent itself well to the combining. NMC = Not My Circus, NMM = Not My Monkeys.


Design Darwinism

Do designs just magically pop from mind to screen? Lord I wish so. Any artist will likely tell you that design or art is a process. A thought or inspiration sparks in the mind, then the fun of making that spark into something real.

My prime design, the data monkey, was no different. Born about 7 years ago, it started off in a much different fashion. The concept was fairly simple: make a path with a monkey and tabs to say ‘secret’ and ‘data monkey.’ Seemed easy enough. Well… As you can see below, the early attempts were pretty basic. You’ll also see a multitude of spin-offs that came quickly from the original.

Most of these early iterations were very much design, not so much art. Combine elements to get a thought across. Since then, as you can see from the overall theme of this blog and my portfolio, I found a little more art to use with the design.

I admit at times to fixating on the initial design/concept, but have learned to sometimes stop and let it rest for a bit. While elements may carry through, the difference between initial and final can be striking at times.