A More Mature Monkey

If you’ve seen my portfolio site, you’ve likely seen reference to Cheeky Monkey. Cheeky was a creation to ‘brand’ some of my more mature designs and concepts. Some of them are just not-safe-for-work snarky graphics and such. I’ve also worked on more adult-themed ideas as well. Some of these are just one-off graphics based on random thoughts. Others are more developed ideas, like a couples-focused card deck to spice things up through different theme, location, and other suggestions.

So, why this post? Well, I wanted to let folks that not all of my entries and ideas will be family-friendly or shareable at work. Just realize that I will try to flag/tag these posts under the ‘NSFW’ tag. I also ask that we be adults, and if you aren’t interested in those topics, just don’t visit that area.

And with that…..enjoy the more mature monkey…


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