Dare You? Card Deck

Not all of my designs are for ‘public’ consumption. Besides the snarky ideas, I have a small collection of mature-themed designs and concepts. One of them is a card deck I’ve slowly tinkered with for some time now. Please note, this is the first real post from the Cheeky Monkey side. It won’t be for everyone, so bear that mind.

I initially came up with the idea as a means to break the possible monotony couples might express through a chance-based system. The main premise is a collection of cards that suggestion various states of dress, duration, and locations. You shuffle each category, draw a card from each and go from there. It might be as simple as going shirtless for 30 minutes, or going completely au naturale for the next week (where can be determined separately). You don’t have to use all 3 categories. You can tailor the deck based on your own interests, comfort levels, and so on.

Now, do realize that picking a set saying ‘no bottoms’ for a ‘month’ at ‘work’ isn’t terribly feasible, unless you work alone or at home. But, the point is, getting some variety.

The cards themselves are normal Poker-size. I’ve tried to keep the graphics pretty simple, using generic icons as much as a possible. For the clothing/theme cards, the graphics are a series of standard icons with checkmarks, Xs, or and ‘optional’ mark. The duration cards are clock-/calendar-based, and the locations are based a lot on map icons.

One thing I’m experimenting with is a ‘hotness’ scale for each card. I’m hoping this will add some level of indication for couples, so they can gauge how brave they want to start with. I’m also considering building this into some form of rules (other than draw cards and go have fun). Maybe something like Poker where the player with the hottest combo wins and that’s the scenario to be acted out.

So, rules? Yeah, still working on that bit. I’m a designer, not overly versed on game engineering.

Clothes, time, and location seems kind of tame….. Well, I’m working on that too. I’ll save the really hot part for another post.

One parting comment – yes, I know there are lots of couples card games out there. I also had to change the name as there is a “Do You Dare?” game that I found well after starting my development.

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