More Goita (ごいた) Work

The Goita (ごいた) deck is going well. Worked on a back design, with a change in card size (mini cards versus micro). Mini cards are roughly half the size of a poker card (cut across the narrow part), with the exact size varying between printers. Switching to the micro size might not be difficult, using one flower instead of two.

The back combines some traditional elements with the more modern looking text for Goita.

Goita mini card back, version 1

I’m also working on scoring cards (10 and 50 points) to include in the deck. Those will be double sided, but same size as the main cards. Also considering how to provide rules for the game, which may end up being a single card with QR codes (English on side, Japanese on the other). Just have to find a good site to use, or possibly build one.

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