Goita (ごいた) – Deck Concept

Worked out of the basics of the deck. I decided to use the mini card size from PrintNinja as the basis, which is 1.65″x2.5″ (still roughly half a Poker card). As of now, the deck will be 54 cards (32 tiles, 4 information cards, and 18 score tokens).

The main card, or tiles, didn’t change much with the size. I did re-work the score tokens a little, and may still change. Based on the size of the cards, I went with QR codes for the rules (and they’ve been tested). Thankfully, the Noto Goita Preservation Society has some nice rule sheets in both Japanese and English, plus a primer (Japanese only) that I could link to.

Goita deck concept

My hope is by combining the traditional Japanese character markings with their more western equivalents, it will make this deck easier for players to understand. I still need to decide on possible card materials, likely being plastic or PrintNinja’s 330gsm black core.

Next up – drafting a tuck box for the deck.

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